Weird RenderTarget filter bug on Galaxy S8

Hello, we have a water refraction/reflection/fog effect that uses a RenderTarget. On the Samsung Galaxy S8 running Chrome, we’re seeing this very weird effect. I’ve had trouble reproducing it, strangely I ran it on the same device on and did not get the visual bug. As a last resort, does anyone recognize this type of visual artifact? I’m not sure how/why the lines would show, some type of moiré effect?

How it is supposed to look like:

How it looks on Samsung Galaxy S8 (running Chrome):

The next thing I’m going to try is jumping down to 1.39.0 to see if it’s related to recent engine updates or a device issue.

does it show up more / spreads are you rotate the camera? could be related to a depth buffer or similar not getting cleared maybe.

@mvaligursky the stripes don’t move or change, it looks the same. Maybe related, apparently one of the materials is flashing as well. Some breakdown of WebGL I guess. Scene might be hitting some WebGL hardware limits for that device.

Maybe some strange mipmap generation at runtime for some texture? Perhaps make sure the textures around there are power of 2, or turn off mipmapping. Does it change when you move closer / away from it?

on my old android devices seames to be a limit for materials per scene, like 16 or 32,
Maybe you can try to reduce materials for a test?

I’m not aware of a limit like this … unless you were hitting video ram limit with large textures on those materials?

had the same issue with my 13 years old samsung tablet, and that what i was told… but maybe thats nonsence :slight_smile:

There is a limit of max 16 textures per material (shader) in most devices, but that is relatively hard to hit unless you do something special. And it will not produce artifacts, but not render at all and throw an error.