Weird import problems

hello everyone. i have been trying to import a model that i made into playcanavs engine. but i cant set it as a collision for a entity. only the individual parts of the model show up

if you want to put on the scene just use template,
but with collision I dont know

you need to add it as a template
and then for each entity in the hierarchy where render component is referenced, you need to add a collider with the same render asset

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Ideally, you should use physics primitives on the template root/parent when possible as it’s more performant

thanks for the help but wouldent this solution take a long time for more complex models?

Sure. But I’d say it’s rare to simply use lots of complex models as colliders. It’s lot more common to have complex meshes for rendering, and very simplified (often using physics primitives) colliders. Unlike the model component, render component allows you to set this up.

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