Weird collision visible bug

I get a weird bug where the collision is still visible after deselection.

I don’t have the physics mode on or anything it’s just a weird thing that happens. I usually can fix it be restarting the browser but that’s lame lol

Here is what I see:

Here is what it looks like when I refresh the browser:

This usually happens after I have clicked on any object that has collision on it. Not sure what’s going on.


Checking in on this? Again once I click on an object the deselect the Collision sort of ghosts behinds. I have to refresh the page to fix this problem. Is this a bug?

Looks like a bug in the editor TBH. @will Any ideas here?

Almost certain it is. If it wasn’t I just wanted to know what I need to click off to stop this nonsense lol :smiley:

Otherwise I’ll keep refreshing I guess :frowning: