Weird animation behaviour

Hi, I have a model which is already rigged (purchased from the Unity asset store) - I’m able to upload character to the Mixamo and download animations there (not selecting bones in Mixamo - it’s already rigged).

The odd thing is the character swings right and left in a weird way. Here is the video, any suggestions? (I did not have this problem, interesting - just faced this yesterday)

P.S.: It’s a running animation with In Place selection turned on.

From the video, it looks like the parent/root bone is being animated left and right

At guess, maybe there’s some scaling missing at the top most entity so the left/right movement is much larger in world space than it should be

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Seems like it! I should not have scaled the entity with render and the entity with bones. Instead, just needed to scale the wrapping entity of these two (a template). Thank you @yaustar