WebXR rendering weirdly to VRHeadset

It’s a bit difficult to show this error and due to the nature of the project I can’t share a link but this is the problem…

I’m trying to implement VR into an existing project using webxr. I have an picture through to the headset no problem but it’s rendering weirdly. Even if I take a direct copy of the camera and scripts from the test scene example.

I’m expecting the view through the headset to look like the left image but what I’m getting is the right. I don’t have this problem in any of the test scenes so I know it must be something with this project but I’m at a loss as to what or why… If anyone has any ideas of where to start, it would be greatly appreciated!

No idea off hand if it’s only happening in a particular scene.

At a guess, maybe the camera is scaled to not be 1,1,1, or its parent or it’s parent etc? Could be some of the properties on the Camera component aren’t quite right compared to the other scenes that work?

Just double checked scale on the camera and it’s parents but not luck there. I’ve even tried copying the camera, settings and scripts from the test scenes but still get the same result.

No idea off hand. Do you think you could fork the project and strip down the scene enough that it still has the issue and can be shared publicly for someone to look at?