WebVR asking for motion and orientation permission iOS 13

With iOS 13, you need a user input triggered event to prompt asking for motion and orientation permission. This breaks the current WebVR experiences. Can someone provide an example of how to fix this?

I don’t have a iOS device to look at this unfortunately.

I would try updating the WebVR polyfill and or try calling DeviceMotionEvent.requestPermission() as Aframe run into a similar issue: https://github.com/aframevr/aframe/issues/4554#issuecomment-614317310

How would I go about updating the polyfill?

Also, I have tried calling DeviceMotionEvent.requestPermission() from a button onPress event but it says it needs to be called from a user generated input?

@jay1 Is this possible to ask for permission before going in VR mode?

@Mystik My best guess is that you’d need to self host and have a splash page with a launch button that triggers the ask permission, and then launch the playcanvas stuff.

However I haven’t learned enough html yet, or how playcanvas interacts with the WebVR polyfill. I’ll post updates if I’m able to get around to it.