WebGL to Windows Standalone

Is there any way to convert Playcanvas WebGL projects into exe? I am starting a company and I have no money. I am trying to use Unity for standalone titles but the scripting system sucks. If this is possible (I know it is) please tell me how to do it.

Not into a .exe, but you could definitely make a script that opens a web-browser in full screen with your game on it.

On linux this would be a shell file (.sh) that contained something like:
exec chromium --app="/path/to/game"

Assiuming the used had chromium web-browser installed. You’d have to make the script try a handful of common ones.

The game path could be local ie in program files.

It isn’t possible? Crud! I need exe so I can sell my games as standalone titles. Whatever. Maybe the GameMaker free engine is good enough.

Please see this page of the User Manual for information on how to do this.

Thanks @will, I should’ve read that manual to begin with.

Does NW.js work on Windows XP? I don’t have a good computer that I could use consistantely.

Based on quick googling (best tool for developer), it does supports Windows XP.

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Good. Which version of NW do I need?

I’m guessing Windows 32-bit stable normal:


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Hi, for quick and better result for creating desktop apps use - electron.atom.io.
It’s just like NW.js but more good when you need play some media (sounds or video). And Electron made by GitHub for they Atom editor. I was work with NW.js then try Electron, and must say Electron have more abillities for Chromium settings.