WebGL error when opening project in Editor

@yaustar : In case You have been working on a fix (and in my interest >> positive), I am wondering if something have happened in the meantime / on a parallel track below?

I am - namely now - getting this err msg, if I try to fork/open the project You referenced above:

I do foresee some issues in regards to general loads of

GLB vs shader-chunks and layer-rendering

, that the developers might have to dig into / fix on a deeper level. What is the overall status?

Does this happen with opening any other project or just this one?

Have you tried a different browser?

Have you tried restarting Chrome and computer?

If its just this one project and still happens after a PC restart, can you share the project link?

There are no issues that I’m aware of. If you have a small, reproducible project that showcases an issue or bug, please share it and report on the engine repo.

Developers have been able to load GLBs at runtime, change layers on model or render components and modify materials with custom shaders for a while now. You may have project specific issues, in which case, you will need to share a project that is as small as possible to demonstrate your issue.

When you do, please start a new thread.

The main issue that we are aware of is transparency on complex models that we are aware of but have no plans yet

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Ok, in regards to opening the project, it did not work / open in my local Chrome-installation (and I did not think to open it in another browser, as all my other GLB-projects ran fluently).
But it opens in Opera - so I guess no problem with the project itself.

In such case I will revisit my debugging from square one - as I have tried to make the refraction effect work on external glb’s prior to this subject, and the fact that my project will gain substantially by this effect, I will do a very optimized answer / post (before I return / revisit this topic).

Hey, it seems like a similar issue as attached

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Ok, I have now made a new project that ‘is as small as possible’ (meaning that I have deleted close to all unnessesary code, yet left some out-commented lines for ‘best understanding’)

It is this one: Layer.id versus plain resetting of the glb-layer at node-level