Webgl context lost

I’m on Version 101.0.4951.64, I can’t reproduce the issue

OK good to know. I’m struggling to think what else could be the issue.

Chrome is failing only on my 3 macs. The only thing that connects them is that I’m logged in with my account and that I’m on the same network. Clutching at straws now , I added a 2nd Chrome user profile a couple of days ago, and I’m also logged into as iOS device on iOS 14 that is WebGL1.

If I set the following chrome flag to Metal rather than the default OpenGL then I cannot reproduce the error but the rendered post-effect doesn’t look the same - it look like the safari rendered output.


Could it be that the OpenGL backend has bugs that just happen to effect the gpus in my macs?

it’s possible, our Macs have AMD Radeons a well as intel. We need to try and force the intel one on to see if that makes a difference.


If I turn off anti-alias in the render settings the issue does not occur anymore.

I noticed yesterday when running on Safari the console shows the following. Could it be related to my Chrome issues on mac?

Antialiasing has been turned off due to rendering issues on AppleWebKit 15.4

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