Web application with DLC (Downloadable content) system. Dynamic loading assets

Hello. I’m wondering if it is possible to develop a web application using the DLS system based on the PlayCanvas. The main goal is to be able to update the content at runtime. Load additional content from server storage. This content must be prepared and uploaded to the cloud storage. Content is not only pictures, content is ready-made assets with meshes, materials, textures and possibly logic. It is necessary to minimize the build size and load all resources at runtime from the server storage, also for create DLS. For example, the Unity 3D game engine works with asset bundles unity addressables system.

Hi @Sergey_Avdiyenko and welcome,

Yes, that’s definitely possible with PlayCanvas and very much also recommended. Async loading of resources is the way for short loading times and allows you to add content on demand.

That content can be literally any kind of supported PlayCanvas assets: models, textures, sprites even scripts (code) can be async loaded.

Here is the relevant method:


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Hi @Leonidas. Thank you very much for reply. I will try in mi demo this methods. Also i wondering, it is possible to prepare some assets bundles in PlayCanvas for DLC? Maybe by using glTF files. Or i should use third party application to create glTF ready made content?

Yes if you plan to load a group model hierarchy you will have to prepare your gITF files outside of PlayCanvas and load them in code.

Here is an example on how that works:



Thanks a lot