Watched projects

Hello, I have selected several projects to watch, but when i click Watching just some of them are displayed…maybe the list is limited? Would be nice to expand it.

Can you give me an example of a project that you’re watching that doesn’t display in the Watching feed?

Your reflecting bunny i don’t remember the name of the project :stuck_out_tongue:
I also have a question for you, i have been using the htmlHandler to make the inventory and i was asking myself, if i can use it to load an external php page, i mean, if i make php pages with just small tables, so that they can be loaded and displayed using just part of the screen, that would allow me to exchange values from php to javascript (is that right?) by doing that it will also allow me to save data in the external mysql archive (coz the server don’t allow remote access) but i will have a part of screen with server side php and a part with client side javascript. Sorry if i keep bothering u with unusual questions but i’m trying to figure the fastest way to solve my problems with my limited knowledge.

I deleted that project a few weeks back, but not before transferring it to the ‘playcanvas’ user account. I thought it would be easier for people to find tutorial projects there rather than under my personal account. :smile:

As for the question about PHP, I’m afraid I can’t help there. I’m not a PHP programmer.

Ok Will thanks i am going to make some test and see if it works…if it does…my project will jump forward very fast

Hi again, i’m watching snow growth island but it don’t appear in my watched…

This project? It doesn’t have any dev logs so there is nothing to appear in the watched projects feed.

Oh i see… that’s why :smiley: tnx