VRAM texture asset issue


Attached to this message is two screenshots. The first is when I use a box as an asset for the “Visionary” entity.

The second screenshot is when I use a mesh model (as it’s associated material and textures) as an asset for the “Visionary” entity. Notice now all assets of the 3d model for the “Visionary” entity is preloaded, that is, enabled)

My question is why is the VRAM under the ‘texture asset’ showing a small addition added to it. I would expect the addition of 13.3 MB of VRAM added to use case #1 (texture asset VRAM 19.4MB )

What’s going on?

Although you may think that I would be happy with such a small increase in VRAM memory usage, I actually am dissapointed because I originally had the mesh model as the asset in my game and wanted to further reduce the VRAM usage. Originally I wanted to see what would happen if I removed the mesh model and texture from loading in my game, expecting at least the 13.3MB VRAM decrease. I was surprised to see only a couple MB in VRAM reduced.

A better understanding of texture assets would bring clarity to my optimizations of this game. Please advise.

  • Anton

Not 100% I understand here. The 1st screenshot where it shows 19.4Mb used also shows that textures have been loaded as they are shown in the game view. The 2nd screenshot appears to show the addition of one new texture being used hence only a small increase.

Edit: Oh, I see that you should be seeing an increase of 13Mb as shown in the assets view of that one texture.

So in short, you are asking why the VRAM usage value of a texture isn’t reflected in the VRAM usage in the profiler?

I’d like to know why I cannot free up 13.3 MB from VRAM when it clearly shows that all the twenty-nine textures (not just one texture as you misunderstood) in Total sum up to 13.3MB

The profiler doesn’t seem to reflect the VRAM usage value shown in the editor

As all the assets have preload unticked, it’s difficult to use those numbers as the engine only loads the textures that are used. Between the scenes, can you see the difference between which textures are loaded?

ie Can you list the textures loaded in the first screenshot and also list the textures loaded in the second screenshot?

Yes, as the screenshot#2 shows, it’s 26 Textures preloaded

Also note, this model was downloded from the mixamo website