VR problem - HTMLDivElement.onFullscreenError


I took the PlayCanvas VR template, uploaded it to my server and it seems to be working on my P9 Android 7.0
and working fine on S3 mini Android 4.1

But HTC one m9 makes problems with it. Error: HTMLDivElement.onFullscreenError
PS. Same thing on RedMi4x.

Any solution?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes.

What is exact error it prints, what debugger shows, what is the link you were testing?

Ok, update

All PlayCanvas games seems not able to run after recent Android update on those phones:

HTC one m9 (ARM) Android 7.0
RedMi4x (ARM) Android 7.0

Error is in the post title “HTMLDivElement.onFullscreenError” , that’s from HTC one m9.
At the moment I’m not close to those devices so I cannot send full debug report, but like I was saying,
just all PlayCanvas examples from your official examples are not loading on those 2 ARM devices - perhaps problem will occurs on more devices. I don’t have any more ARM devices.

it works fine on P9 with Android 7.0
and works great on Samsung S3 mini.

Before latest Android update (I think it is related with Android update) everything was working fine.

It seems to be related with ARM CPU devices.

You don’t need my link to test it, just create an empty VR PlayCanvas project and try to run it on your mobile with ARM CPU.

Hi everybody!

I have the same problem with a clean project VR.
This is my project:

I have a mobile where the application run without problems on Friday but now crash.
This is the screen fails:

Some idea?