Volumetric video playback

Well that’s what I was hoping, using it as-is.

The methods in the native WebGL library are pretty much the same as the three.js version, which is pretty much plug-and-play so I’m hoping the library will deal with everything to do with the Hcap playback.

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In case you didn’t see it yet: PlayCanvas now supports Microsoft volumetric video playback

And thank you for bringing this topic into existence! This is quite an interesting tech, but it seems like every studio is making up their own format… something like volumetric glTF would be nice.

Anyway, did anyone figure to convert 4dviews demo files into HCAP format?

Ah, interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

We’ve had to use one of the volumetric studios in the past for converting different volumetric formats. I’m sure it’s not too tricky but seems to be a trade secret.