Visuals Scripting for Playcanvas

when i think about the new modern Game engine. apart from all the rich and great features graphically. they are also providing solution for Artist/designers to make games using Visual scripting system.

like Blueprint or Unreal and Playmaker / bolt for Unity.

i think Playcanvas also should have a visual scripting tool. it has all the great and rich feature to create top class 3D content. the only think in my opinion is keeping away Artist is functionality and code wise.

Artist cant put their time learning to code. instead of making art assets

i am an Artist i create environments particles effects all sort of visual elements for game if i ever to also learn to code after making all the game ready assets…and put them in one place and then code…it would take a long time to develop a single project…

so i strongly think that Playcanvas must have a visual scripting tool.
Because i love playcanvas , after Unity. this is my favorite Game engine …and i want to stick with playcanvas for longtime.

Thank you! for the Great engine :slight_smile:


That’s definitely a valid point! I think the animation graph and the coming material node editor are steps in exactly this direction.

It would be great to have visual scripting at some point in PlayCanvas.

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We have discussed this and unfortunately it’s not going to be anytime soon. The cost of creating a language, updating and maintaining it is pretty high unfortunately and it’s difficult to prioritise that ahead of other features this year like a run time inspector/debugger.


No problem, the Playcanvas docs and tutorials are really so helpful. i am really able to follow up and learn. i am waiting for more great features too, apart from Visual scripting.

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