Visual scripting editor: PlayCanvas Sequencer

Any update on visual scripting?

Hi @techdev,

Thanks for asking! We are still in development but since the project has expanded in scope it’s taking a bit longer.

We will make sure to keep this post updated with news.

I hope it’s not late to join in:
A really innovative and really interesting idea.
One thing I want to point out that 2d as well has it’s advantages. As far as I know humans recognize mainly 2d-shapes (or at least 2d much faster). Therefore the overall reading of a code section would probably be faster with a 2d View (in your concept it could be an orthographic top view). Also a clear and dominant color structure (for language parts like loops / branches) would be highly beneficial.
On the other hand I can imagine that working in a room (class or function) and focusing on that with
entrances (parameters) and exits (returns) and similar spacial paradigms.

I remember reading in Jaron Lanier’s “Dawn of the New Everything” of a somewhat similar concept, where he talks about completely new ways of of building apis / coding in generall in combination with Images / AI / VR.

Please keep us up to date with your progress!

Many thanks @Rechi! This is quite a valuable feedback.

Through the last year we came to a similar conclusion ourselves, with a couple of our prototypes. What we are trying to solve is the complexity of large node systems, making them very inefficient to work with for “real” projects.

We are testing currently a prototype where it’s individual node tree is being drawn/handled in a 2D surface whereas these surfaces live in a 3D space. Making it easy to navigate spatially between your scripts, easily understand their size etc.

Hopefully soon we may be able to launch an alpha version and get some real feedback on this, many thanks again.

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where can i test this? i would love to use it.