Visual difference between "Playcanvas GLB Viewer" and "Loading/Showing GLB in a basic project"


We want to switch our work from FBX to GLTF/GLB since WebXR and the future of Playcanvas are going to work with GLTF and GLB files.

Our first test demonstrate that there’s a visual difference between the Playcanvas GLTF viewer and the visual we got when we load the asset in our project using the AssetsRegistry loading system.

Here are our result:

GLB in Playcanvas viewer (expected result):

GLB Loaded with the Assets Registry:

What can explain that some materials and/or textures are not showed in the second image?

Is there a specific configuration we need to do in our Playcanvas project for GLB? We are loading them with the Assets Registry because the editor don’t support them yet.

Without the source asset and/or seeing the code on how you have loaded it, it’s difficult to tell. :thinking:

Can you post either/both please? There should be no difference.

For a limited time, I have set our project public:

You will be able to download our GLB file here (the same link used in the project):

This GLB was exported from this Sketchfab:

Thanks for that.

The engine now supports glTF assets but Editor support is a little behind (being worked on now).

Here is a project with my Utils script to make loading GLBs a bit easier in Editor which is more or less the same code that the GLB viewer uses:

Let me know if you need the asset to be deleted.

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Wow, interesting. :thinking:

I will try to integrate your script. My guess is my loading system (which was used in multiple other projects with Json assets) is the source of the problem here.

So @yaustar, just to confirm. GLB support exist in the engine, but there is no editor support as of now? That means I have to use that script you showed or similar to load the models, and it also means I won’t be able to see them in the editor nor adjust materials etc, but have to do that programatically. Is that right?

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That’s correct, though glb editor support is in beta currently. @yaustar may be able to add you in.

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Not for imports unfortunately. We are looking at converting FBXs to GLBs when importing but are still in early works on supporting the import of GLBs