Visual artifacting on textures when far away if Mipmapping

I’m sure it’s an issue with my setup, but I’m not sure how to address it. Here is the scene:

For some reason, along my UV Seams I get black lines as if there is not enough padding in my textures. What’s weird is that as the camera moves closer to the object, the lines disappear.

By individually disabling the the channels, on this model, I’ve been able to narrow it down to the metalness channel, but I get the same behavior on other objects that do not utilize the metalness channel.

If I disable mipmapping on the texture, the artifacting will disappear, but I don’t think that’s a complete solve.

Any ideas?

Is this the issue in question?

I’ve tried disabling mip maps on the texture and it still has this issue? I’m wondering if it’s some sort fo UV bleed from the pixels next to it?

I think you mentioned this on Discord, maybe adding some padding between the areas on the textures will help as you are using different areas of the texture for different maps.

@mvaligursky Any insight here?

You could also try to apply some dilate to your textures - as it’s possible right next to your edge there is a black pixel?

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Thank you very much for your replies,


That small artifact up close isn’t so bad, and I can see where that appears in how I laid out my UV’s It’s when you move the camera further away and switch between mipmaps and no that the issue become apparent.


I think with the resources you linked it’s definitely padding related. I see for a texture of this size polycount recommends at least 4 pixels of padding, an I only did 3. I’ll touch up and re-render the texture, and probably purchase that dilation tool.

Thank you both, very much, for your insight.

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