Videotexture with Chromakey shader in AR

Hey all,

I am trying to put a Plane with a VideoTexture, w/ Chroma Key shader, in a AR scene without success when trying to run in a Android device, even when I remove the Chroma Key shader.

The link for my project is WebXR AR Video test.

Somebody could help?

When you enter AR, the camera position is moved to local position 0,0,0 and then is moved based on your phone physical position.

The issue is that your video plane is then behind the camera when entering AR, requiring you to physically move backwards by several meters. When you move the plane to above the shapes

And you will see it in front of you when you enter AR

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Hey @yaustar

Sorry, but I don’t understood well!
What you said is related to the way Video Texture are presented? Because it don’t occur to the other elements? There is a way to fix it? I tried to link it to other object and even with the camera without success!

When you enter AR, the camera entity’s local position is changed to be at 0,0,0 and then the local position is changed to match where the phone is in the real world relative to where you started.

The issue here was that the video texture plane would end up behind the camera after entering AR and you would have to walk 3-4 metres back to see it.

Moving the video texture plane to be where the shapes would allow you to see the plane as soon as you enter AR.

What do you actually want to happen?

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Too much sorry! It is working fine now! I was testing with another link in which the video was not inserted! Too dummy!