VideoTexture problem

This is my project : PROJECT

I had a video with sound, it was working well, but not for mobile phones (Android)
After a small research, I removed the sound from the video.
Now it’s only working from the editor, but not when I publish the project

All scripts are c/p from the Playcanvas tutorial, and I don’t think it’s a code error.
Any advice or suggestions for this problem?

Hi @Dava,

It seems when the build is published the PlayCanvas server fails to deliver the .m4v file. @yaustar is this a server configuration issue?


@Dava is it possible to try converting the video to .mp4 in the meantime and try again?

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@yak32 is this something you could look into?

After I converted the video file to .mp4 , it’s working even on mobile.
The video start after 2 seconds, is that normal for Playcanvas or it’s just not downloaded completely @Leonidas?

Hmm, I’ve tested your build just now, and it seems to load immediately as soon as loading is finished.

As long as preload is set to true, there is no extra download time when the video starts.

I imagine in slower mobile devices it may take a while to start video decoding. Maybe that is what’s happening?

I tested with a lot of powerful Android phones, they all have the same amount of time black screen in beginning.

Hmm, it may be the OS then, does the same happen when running this example:

Edit: to make the test accurate, fork the project and set the video file to have preload checked.

This is interesting, I forked the project.
Tested with the Playcanvas showreel video, and it’s the same.
It was the same with my video, also when I imported play canvas showreel video to my project, it’s the same

I tested with multiple mobile phones, all same.

Btw I got this from PC video, I don’t know is it related to the problem

That error is because the video had no audio track. It doesn’t affect the playback.

It’s worth checking as a straight up html page and see if it has the same amount of time to start?

The PlayCanvas tutorial checks for a particular video event that waits until it can play through without buffering which may be affecting time to start?

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