VideoTexture not working on MacOS Safari


I’m trying to play VideoTextures and I got a very bad performance on my MacBook Pro in Safari.
Sometimes only the first frame loads and the videos don’t play.
The same seems to happen when I try the tutorial demo project: Video Textures | Learn PlayCanvas
I see only the first frame on the screens. Videos don’t play.

Any ideas?


Is this on a published build or on the launch tab from editor?

Also, what version of MacOS are you running?

@yaustar Thanks for the reply.

It happens both in editor and from published links. Published links work a little better though.
Still in Safari the results are much worse than in other Browsers like Chrome.
My MacOS is Catalina, v10.15.4

[EDIT] It seems to be a loading issue. When I wait long enough or reload the page and the videos are fully loaded the performance is also good.

[EDIT] Seems to be solved. I got an error message about a failed texture upload - no video. After I moved this part from creating the videotexture to when the video is actually playing it worked:

material.emissiveMap = videoTexture;

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