Video textures won't play. Any plans to truly integrate video?

Hey guys!
So I followed the video as texture tutorial to attach a video to a flat screen TV with no luck.

The clip is a 5 sec mp4 hosted on my server and passed as a parameter to videotexture.js

I’m still tweaking my scene trying to figure this out, but wanted to ask for any possible pit falls (specs of video?).

Also, I was wondering if there are any plans to truly integrate video in playcanvas. videotexture.js seems to be a workaround, but I’d like to look into:

  • controlling video playback and options (a full blown video player)
  • creating playlists
  • seamlessly attaching videos as textures (drag and drop like everything else)
  • using videos as Sphere maps
  • etc

Before jumping on playcanvas I was working with, and they seem to have made it work (I’m assuming you’re also based off three.js)



Maybe problem in CORS?

Like this?

Nope, PlayCanvas isn’t based on any existing library. Source can be found on

I agree with mikefinch that it might be a CORS issue. Are there any errors in the browser console?

The link to the WebVR tutorial is not running on mobile. I’m on a Google pixel, using chrome. Once I tap the play icon, I can hear sound but no video

On iOS the playcanvas window asks that I flip my phone and insert into a cardboard viewer… If I flip to landscape it goes into VR mode, but still no video.

I wrongfully assumed playcanvas was three.js since there are a lot of similarities, but a ton of improvements… Which is why I decided to jump on this instead.

I’ll check CORS on that video.

Hm. That didn’t do that before :expressionless: . That’s certainly new and probably need one of the PlayCanvas team (@will) to look at.

There are a few other scripts that I’ve had issue with (I gave up on the post processing effects). I’ve gathered from some of the older forum posts that there seems to have been a major update of some sort… So maybe this is related.

By the way, downloaded the project and put it on my server and video is working. It will autoplay on browser but not on mobile, but I already knew that would happen. Working on ways to click for play.

On a related note, I’m getting this errors every time the TV screen object with the video texture comes into frame:

Error: WebGL warning: drawElements: This operation requires zeroing texture data. This is slow.

Any thoughts?