Video Texture - URL

I have a script that performs the following functions:

-Create new Texture
-Create an HTML Video element and play the video
-Apply the new texture to the material on the TV model
-Update the texture with video data every frame

This is the project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

As a URL, I found a link from Amazon Web Service. If I use other links it will not work.
Can anybody help me? Does anyone know an another service? Is it possible to stream from your own server?

Thank You

What errors do you get in the Developer Console?

Chances are that you’ve hit a CORS issue and/or you are linking to http content from https. There’s quite a few threads in the forum regarding, hopefully they will help: app.assets.loadFromUrl() is blocked by CORS policy

If the application and video content is all hosted on the same server and domain, that will work. Otherwise you will have to setup CORS headers on the server serving the content.


thanks for your answer.
I get these errors in the Developer Console:

I have to setup a Cors headers on the server?

That’s something you have to talk with your service provider and varies pending on what technology it is using.

If you Google your service provider and ‘enable CORS’, hopefully that will get you an answer.

I added the Cors Header plug-in on my WordPress and entered the domain. But it doesn’t work. Do you have an idea what can I do?