Uvw mapping in PlayCanvas

Hi everyone,

Pls could someone to show how to situate texture on model excatly as I want, it means how to use UVW mapping mode as in 3dsMax for example,

Pls only useful info that can help,

Thank you.

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk,

You can use the UVW Map modifier in 3ds max to easily apply textures on your objects. It has a number of settings on how to wrap your objects making it relatively easy to get some basic results.

For more complex uses you will have to study how UVW unwrapping works in 3ds max.

Here is a guide on how to use it:

Thanks for reply,

Sorry this is my mistake, I know how to use UVW mapping in 3dsMax, I need to figure out how to use similar things in playcanvas…

When you say to use it in playcanvas, can you elaborate?

If you properly UVW map your model in 3ds max and import it then in Playcanvas your model materials will automatically use that for texturing.

There’s no UVW mapping tool in PlayCanvas. It’s expected to be done in the modelling package before importing.


Thank you very much, thats it.