UV1 unavailable and auto-unwrap not working

Hello everyone.
I am trying to import some models from the playcanvas store so that I can use lightmap, but it shows UV1 unavailable. I clicked AUTO-UNWRAP but it’s not working.

Here is the project link

I believe Auto-Unwrap doesn’t work on .glb Imports, will have to switch to json models in the asset tasks settings in the editor

Just Disable the Highlighted setting and reimport the model and then auto-unwrap

I did that but it’s still not working.

Then it simply means the model does not have a UV1 channel. I checked the cart model, as an example, it doesn’t have one. You can add it in a 3D modelling application, like Blender, if you need one.

Okay, thanks.
But does lightmap works without uv1?

In the above screenshot, I have uploaded a model, and the lightmap option works but in the model properties it says UV1 Unavailable.

It should not work without unwrapping. If you are using a GLB format on import, then auto-unwrap will not work in the Editor - it is a known issue and being looked into. If I remember correctly, the engine, however, can still read UV1 channel at runtime and the lightmap will work when you start the app. If you use the previous import method (FBX/JSON), then the unwrapping should work and if it doesn’t, I would recommend creating an issue in the engine repo, so the team can look into it. A sample scene would help them with debugging:

@LeXXik Thank you for the reply.
I have uploaded FBX but unwrap doesn’t work, it keeps on loading.
I will import once again and check if it works. If it doesn’t then I will create an issue in the engine repo.