UV Auto-Unwrap and Lightbaking


Just wondering whether there is a known bug related to the UV Auto-Unwrap feature. Everytime I hit the button it just sits there with a progress bar and never finishes (I had a simple quad).


It was a plane, with four vertices. I doubt that was the issue.

It works sometimes - and it also seems to sometimes say on meshes that have NOT been converted that the second UV exists, only for it to fail when you try to setup lightbaking with the UV coordinates reading Infinity - Infinity.

Not really an option - I have hundreds of meshes to convert, and most are a lot more complex than a quad. Would be great if someone could give me a heads up on this - this is almost certainly a bug or a problem with server resources.

No, you’ve missed my point. There are three main issues:

  1. I HAVE created the second UV in Maya - it does not seem to get picked up by the editor reliably. That could be my problem - but the documentation is terrible in explaining what is actually required. However, I am confident that it SHOULD be working given what I have read.

So when that failed - I tried to use Auto Unwrap:

  1. When I converted a mesh (that did not have the second set of UV’s) - it usually fails, but SOMETIMES it will successfully unwrap the UV (but takes FOREVER)

  2. If the Auto Unwrap DOES work - then SOMETIMES when I select a SECOND mesh without the UV’s it said that it did in fact have the UV even though I know I did not use Auto-Unwrap on it.

I get the models from a commercial service - I work professionally as a game developer - and the assets are outsourced from a games outsourcing company.

I think so - it’s pretty re-producable, and if it’s not a bug, then we have a problem with the docs. But other systems in the editor (such as texture compression etc) that use server side processing - seem to work pretty flawlessly. So I am guessing this specific feature is bugged.

it’s pretty re-producable

Your best bet is to create a very simple public project showing just this issue and post the link here with info on the steps to recreate the issue.

For import, It might be a scene where you have already imported something that didn’t work, and additionally having a link to one or more of the FBX files to download and then re-import.

I think they either have quietly fixed something - or the problem is somewhat transient.

On over 50 models on multiple accounts the issue persisted for about a month.

Today - the unwrap is almost instantaneous. If it returns, I’ll post something - it just takes a bit of time because I can’t release any of the meshes I am using as they are commercial, and I’m not exactly an expert modeler.