Using SciKit Learn In PlayCanvas

Hey everyone,

I’m going to be making an AI game and the software I use for AI is SciKit Learn. While there is a way to use it with regular JS -, how do I use it in Playcanvas?

It doesn’t seem to be maintained and the GitHub page doesn’t exist. I would look for another library

Does this help? -

Is there now a way to integrate it into Playcanvas?

That’s a Python library. From the link:

Repositories related to the scikit-learn Python machine learning library.

So there’s no way to do npm installs for PC? I’m actually a python dev - one of the main reasons I want to use this software. Although used to js, I have never used js for AI, and some familiarity with ai frameworks would be very welcome

Not directly no. You would have to use NPM outside of PlayCanvas and build it out to browser usable JS file and then import it into PlayCanvas.

Edit: Bear in mind that the NPM package is 5 years old, there is no supporting documentation so even if you get this ‘working’, you are basically on your own.