Using Premade DDS From CMFT

Hello Guys… I am current using a BGRA8 DDS created in cmftStudio with ‘–filter radiance’ options

the reflections are way to high… Anybody got any clues how to handle this:

Original Shot what it should look like:

This is what it looks like in PlayCanvas Engine Only:

Yo @yaustar … Steven you ever seen this… How bout you @max ???

Could be related to the skyboxintensity value of the scene which should default to 1. I’ve haven’t seen it being blown out that much on 1 though.

Skybox intensity just controls the skybox and your right it should be 1 … material reflectivity controls for the material.

PlayCanvas is using Weird dds file format… they are doing something funny to the pixel data… if you open the dds it’s almost white… they it cranked up so far… they must be doing something in PlayCanvas engine that uses dds data in that weird format

And even worse, they say your suppossed to already be able to load a rgbaf32 … but it does not work and OF COURSE they have NO DOCS on doing that in code…

And still yet, the ONLY references to calling pc.prefilterCubemap throws the same shader error that it talks about on the forums…

I’m just screwed trying to get reflections going and seems like no possibility of getting any help or response to try and fix…

I am almost about to give up and scrap My Canvas Tools Offine Editor project for PlayCanvas engine… it’s breaking my heart , cause the underlying PlayCanvas engine is freaking AWESOME

PlayCanvas uses Image Based Lighting so the intensity can also blowout the lighting


If I lower skybox intensity, it does nothing to reduce all over brightness using a regular dds from cmft

On another not, that last HDR sphere on the IBL docs link you sent… it is totally reflective… how are they doing that in PlayCanvas… I tried and even in online editor I can get to look totally reflective… metal is 1 and glossiness is 100 but still is cloudy. I made another topic about cloudy reflections.

Any clues there