Using Canvas for texture

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to use Canvas as a texture in a plane
I’ve been trying to, and achieved to draw a circle, but
I am having problems again with Color. ( With Alpha, to be more specific )

In the end, we Want to use animatecc and insert Canvas animations… 2d in 3D space, like this:

Thank you!


Ok, so I achieved to fix color, but I think I still have issues with the opacityMap and the alpha…

So what are the problems with opacityMap?
Opacity as a texture is black and white texture, if your canvas has alpha, I haven’t tried, but it possibly can be used if you set opacityMapChannel to a.

Problem with opacityMap solved. I was mistaking some stuff.

But we realised maybe it’s not the best solution, as we want to import these animated plane objects. Animate CC can export WebGL projects, that should be the way, but not sure how can I add them… any thoughts?

To sum up, we want to insert this animated illustration:

As an object in space.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

EDIT: follow up is here: Animating in 2D

Best option here would be to use 2D animation, such as Spine.
@dave made a Spine importer, check it out:
It does pretty much all you need, and is very efficient way of animating 2D stuff, because you don’t need to store each frame texture and download it. But only pieces of animated object and then timeline info about each object transformation.
Plus this has a lot of flexibility, that allows you procedurally move stuff around, check out this project as well:

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