Use different UVs for Lightmap

Is it possible to use a different UV for the lightmap vs the other Maps?

Yes, by default, lightmap uses 2nd UV channel, not that’s used for diffuse/specular/normal/etc. Just use a FBX with 2 UV sets.

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very cool! is this documented somewhere? Maybe augment this info here:

Your wish is my command. Check this out:

I’ve taken the time to document the rest of the material editor UI as well. I hope this helps. :smile:

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So I’m trying to get the LightMap to work, no avail. I export the asset with 2UV channels, load it in, plug a texture in the Lightmap, and: nothing.

In the AO slot of the Material I can see that 2 UV Channels were imported. I can put the LightMap in the AO slot. But when I put it in the LightMap slot, nothing changes.

The Image I use for the lightmap is an RGB JPG which contains the prerendered GI for the scene.

BTW: When I export an FBX from Cinema 4D with 2 UV channels, with the option of exporting Normals set, the little status icon in PlayCanvas turns red, so I can’t use the imported asset.