URGENT Paid Job / Need Dev for small and very basic dice game

Hi I need support of a developer to help me complete a small interactive dice launcher game. I m ready to compensate in euro for a reactive response to my request.

Thank to let me know if anyone would be available to help me complet this mall project.

Hm i could help but no need to pay anyone m8 we are friends as far aas i am concerned

Hi Nathan

Thanks for you very friendly reply.
would you want to have a look at the actual game to check it and let me know if you would be ok to work with me on this and explain me at the same time how you solve this issue sos I can learn from it . in exchange I m ready to do some graphic content for you if you need ass well for your games or help you in any game design or thinking or idea.

Ok I agree i will help you m8 in return for some help on my idea of an MMO game ok?

Ok fine for me thanks, let me know when you could be able to work on this with me. I should be available to call from this evening from 19h and tomorrow between 12h 14h, and in the evening from 19h like this everyday and Saturday.
And from now and all the time without call only online I can be available all the time.

Ok sounds good. i am usually on during the week days unless its the holidays. I wont be available on the 18th to January 5th because of the holidays but i am free any other time

ok great here is the link of the app as I have it at the moment.
we have to be able to relaunch the dice, and ideally they suppose to collide as well. then when they stop the camera should show the result from the top.

then when we presss R or touch the screen it relaunch the dice and camera get back to initial position.


did you manage to see this link?
It a very basic apps. but still to complicated for my limited coding skills.

Let me know once you have seen it. if you press R it suppose to relaunch the dice but then they are at the same position I would need them to be able to collide each other and launch from different places.

ok ill be back soon with some help at about 1:17 eastern because i have some stuff to take care of and ill message you then and we can discuss this

ok no problem works for me

Backā€¦ Now what shall we work on first

Hi Mate I m back and I just log into your game.
do you have any kind of document that describe the project you want to achieve? if not we can have a call about it.
on my side I send you access to the project ass well and it is a very much smaller scale project very basic one. How shall we communicate between each other ? mail? or Skype?

Uh email is best m8 mine is anon110441@gmail.com if you need me but when do you want to start

I can start from now I m available all evening and tomorrow I will be ass well if we communicate only via email or this forum which is good for me too

I need to finish thiss project as soon ass possible.