Uploading a PlayCanvas export to start over

I am taking over a Playcanvas project from a developer who ghosted. I have the export package of javascript and asset files, but I don’t see a way to upload a package to Playcanvas.

Is there a way for me to use the export package to re-initialte this project on Playcanvas?

Hey, you can click on the import project option given after clicking on projects and can upload the export File.

After uploading, you will see the project in your timeline.


oh, amazing, thank you!! :slight_smile:

I was able to upload the package, but i’m now finding an error: “Missing file short_name”

Any thoughts on this?

Can you post screenshot of the zip contents please?

Here you are, thanks so much!

That seems to be a mix of files of both the export of the project (which is incomplete and missing files) and a build to self host of the project.

It should look like this:


Do you have access to the original project?

this is all i have access to. but if i compare my file structure to the files I get when i download “My First Project” the structure appears to be pretty similar. Is it possible I have a different type of download? The self host package?

Hi @shamus00 ,

The build export and project export are different structurally. Unfortunately, you cannot use a build export to import a project into the editor. The place you export a project is the dropdown next to the project on your list of projects. It should look something like this:



I do wonder… What’s in that archive.zip file?

What you have downloaded from “My First Project” is the self hosting build from publishing as described here: Self-hosting | Learn PlayCanvas

The export of the project that you need is described here: Projects | Learn PlayCanvas

I honestly don’t know what combination of files has been given to you. It looks like a self hosted build from publishing except with a hashes.json file which is odd.

Thanks for the insights. I suppose i’m left wondering what my options are to open and edit this project. It’s essentially a website experience for viewing 3d models, and all i have access to is this package of self-hosting assets.

Any ideas?

Have you looked in Archive.zip?

There’s not a lot of options beyond hand editing the build files. The project code is in the __game-scripts.js but minified so it’s going to be very hard to read.

All the scenes are in JSON so you potentially can make adjustments but I can’t imagine that would be much fun.

Same with the assets in config.json

I guess there are some extra files in the folder. Try removing those files from the folder and uploading again. Files are ammo.dcab07b.js, Archive.zip, DockerFile, hashes.json and MattressFirm_0535 .
One more thing, this project is using an old ammo file so maybe you will have to remove its reference from the setting_js file as well.

I really appreciate the community input, thanks so much! I’m going to dig in and see what i can figure out.

Hi Shamus00. Am I the developer that ‘ghosted’? I built the original Mattress Firm project with Trivver and supplied Mattress Firm with the source code of the project. If there is anything you need to know that I can help with, just ask. I´m still here :). Cheers