Upload fbx file failed

There is a issue when I upload a fbx file.

How can I fix it.

Thank you for reporting, we are looking into it

@Louis Are you still having this issue? I’ve managed to import a FBX just now.

If I give you the fbx file , can you test it?

You can download the file I use here.

Yep, I can see the issue here too with that FBX file.

@slimbuck Can you take a look into this please? :slight_smile:

What issue are you guys seeing? I was able to import both FBX files fine.

like this.

And keep this state.

I get the same red circle icon too :thinking:

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Hi @Louis,

Sorry to hear you’re still struggling with this. It seems the backend has some issue with your user. Have you tried re-importing the FBX file again? (Meaning, delete the FBX and re-drag it into the project).


I tried to import again, but it didn’t work.

Hi @Louis,

I’ve managed to reproduce this now, will keep you posted!


OK, PlayCanvas Team is really cool!

Hi @Louis,

The FBX API is giving us NAN rotation values for node “Bone001_shengquan” when the scale curve is 0 (or near to 0).

This results in us generating an invalid JSON file and our backend conversion task fails. I am looking into this further, but in the meantime if you want to set the scale animation keys to a value just larger than 0 you might find conversion works.


OK, thanks for your reply.
Let me have a try.