Upcoming project looking for coder collaborators


I am working as part of a team based in London who use games engines to create art and film content, and we are looking to create something special with Playcanvas that enables users to manipulate makeup presented on a 3D character - to change the lip colour, eye makeup etc. as well as the idea of possibly being able to ‘draw’ makeup on to the character.

This would be a fairly experimental project, and we are yet to decide on the exact functionality that we would need as we want to see what is possible. We’d be using a 3D scan of a model, which we have textured and already in Playcanvas.

We’re looking for a collaborator who has a good understanding of code and interaction to help us make this happen. Currently it will be a high end editorial project, so although the budget isn’t much we are of course happy to pay the collaborator and will credit them accordingly. We hope that the reach of the project will be wide and will lead to further projects.

If you are interested please do get in touch and we can discuss from there. I hope this is the right place to post!

Many thanks

Hey Jon

I had a design for doing exactly this in Unity for a game I built a few years ago…

More than happy to get involved and have a play in PlayCanvas :slight_smile:



BTW - might also be worth posting in Jobs if you are paying.