Unity 3d fbx file import problem

Hello, I want to import the assets I purchased from the unity store into playcanvas. When I transfer the file with the FBX extension, there is only one animation. But there is more than one animation in fbx. How can I export all the animations in the fbx file to playcanvas?

Hi @kaandrew and welcome,

I think that the way this works right now in Playcanvas is that each animation has to be in a separate file, to be imported.

You will have to do some custom work in a modelling program to export each animation alone.

Thank you for taking your precious time and answering. With the Blender program, we can split the fbx file and create fbx for each animation.

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Hi @kaandrew - we have FBX -> glTF import in closed beta at the moment. This will import all the different animations. I can add you to the beta and you can test it out with your FBX file? It would be great to get your feedback. What’s your PlayCanvas username?


Thank you to the playcanvas team. You do great work. An excellent feature

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