Unable implement input text field in VR immersive app

Hi team, In my application, Login page is their, in that page having user name, password and Email fields. User have fill those fields, but how would to implement those in VR app. Any one have any idea on this please share to me.

It’s not straightforward as you can’t use any DOM elements in VR. You will have to create your own virtual input system or have users login before they enter VR

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Hi @yaustar , thanks for the reply. For login page ,we will proceed like that allowing users login before they enter VR. But we would like to allow users update their details in immersive mode as well. So far we used text element for user details , if we click text element how can we fire virtual keyboard to feed input to text element or do we have any better way to implement input field component in immersive mode.

Hi @yaswanth,

There isn’t any virtual keyboard provided by the PlayCanvas engine (neither by the browser nor the OS). You will have to develop your own solution that works in a VR context.

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