Ultra Mech Showdown in progress

Some Character design and ingame screenshots and gif’s.

Next tasks:


Some simple animation tests!



I’ve made some changes to the animations. I have plans to add more frames to the animations to allow a bit more fluidity.

But got the controls to be responsive. Next step is to add some FX to this bad boy along with those added frames. I’ve been busy with my new club I made on my site as well as freelance but I’m winding down and allowing more structure to my day to allow me to get this done or at least to a good stage by the time this month is over. Also have plans to get a good friend to help with the sound! More on that later!



Dude, your art is awesome! Love it!

Like it i love mechas…but aren’t the legs a bit short? i know i’m annoying :smiley:

haha the legs are def short :wink:

But I will not change them since it’s by choice. Style yo!

Btw you are not being annoying! You can check out more of my mechs here https://www.artstation.com/artist/robotpencil

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Thanks max!! Like I said before I’m trying to make a stellar game on the web with your engine to help promote it!

Also I made a better spritesheet animating script. I’ll share with you guys here once I put some comments on it to help with understanding it.

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When I play the music in the game it’s a bit loud in the video so be warned!
I’ve added bullets than can be fired, as well as some Music, and slight camera moves to the game so far.
I still plan to do the FX but I figured these things were a bit more interesting to tackle first, so now just to do the FX and some more art for the Background next go around. THEN TIME FOR ENEMIES.

Awesome work, man!

Can’t wait to see how you implement the enemies :smiley:

Wow, amazing project !!
Just want to know which physics engine you will choose, ammo.js or p2.js or matter.js or others :smile: