UI System in PlayCanvas

Hi ,

I have been using PlayCanvas since the last month or so and it is one of the most impressive webGL based engines I’ve ever seen. But the one thing lagging behind in this engine is the UI. There is absolutely no official support for making UI in the game. HTML/CSS is not an option since that does not go with the flow of development if you understand what I mean. I have tried a few third party scripts such as the sprite,font renderer etc but even they are lacking some very basic features. Most of my development time is spent on creating and adjusting the UI and it is truly very frustrating , especially if you have a habit of making games in prominent engines like Unity. I cant even rotate a sprite here without editing some shaders.

I want to ask that is there any established UI system in place that Im not aware about and if not, do you guys intend to build and include in any upcoming updates?

We have a new solution in development should be coming out soon.


Glad to know that ? So when can we expect it to come out? Because currently my project is suffering a lot due to the lack of customidable UI.


We’re still working on it. I can’t give you an exact date, but it’s currently in progress.