UI Bug: Mouse up on transform input field clears value


When selecting a value in an input field (e.g. ty) you often end up hovering over the tx field slider symbol. When lifting the mouse button while on this icon the tx value gets cleared and undo doesn’t even bring it back.


Hi @fleity I can reproduce this, nice catch, would you care submitting this issue on the editor repo?

I think it is an issue related to a PCUI component, so probably better report there.

I reported it on the pcui sub repo

Last weekend I shipped a small project for a live event and in the 3 days leading up to it I walked into that bug at least every 2-3 hours once even after I realized that it exists :roll_eyes:. I dont know if I am weird to always leave the cursor at exactly these 10 pixels but even though it is a really really minor bug it annoyed the hell out of me. Happy to help, happy to see it fixed :slight_smile: