UI and LogIn test for Herbivore

after my little sister tested this game, I’m no longer so sure it’s as selfexplaning as I thought … :frowning:


till now You can log in and …log in again… walk around a bit or go into the city and train rope jump in the gym…

the plants and the farmhouse are a mess, but I’m working on this to reduce to less then 100k.
day and night cyklus isn’t behaving right, but it will work sometime…

any comments to the UI are verry welcome.

I loved to get some suggsetion how to improve my textures, exspecilly for the:

  • the water in the swamp
  • the walls in the maze and
  • the ground in the city

If anyone has some easy samples for a waiting screen like an hourglas or a countdown before the start of the minigames, it could really help me in the next steps…

thanx to alll

Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do in this game. It’s missing the onboarding tutorial phase where it should say what the general aim is and how all the mechanics work.

thank You

added a short tutorial for the first lockIn and I’ve updated
the game discrition on PlayCanvas