Type 'Model(source)' vs Type 'Model'

Hi, some of my glbs previously imported by my artists have assets of type ‘Model’ within the glb, while other only have assets of type ‘Model(source)’.

Any idea why this could be? Has the artist manually deleted the Model file or is it something else? Can I bring back the type ‘Model’ somehow?

when you drag and drop a glb or fbx into the Editor, that is the souce, and (source) is added to it.
We then take it and convert it to glb which is the final asset you can use in the game, and that one does not have (source) on it.

Any idea why some folders ONLY have the assets with model(source) and not the asset with just ‘model’?

maybe somebody deleted those? Or maybe they failed to import.

Hmm, okay. But the templates that were somehow created from those model types still work and if I delete the template there would be no way for me to create the template again from just the model(source) asset without re-importing the glb.

It all seems a bit odd thats all.