Two separate cubemaps (one for reflection and one as scene background)

Is it possible to set two separate cubemaps: one for reflection and the other visible as the scene background? I would like to do a scene background almost black but I want also all metal elements would have other reflections than that black.
Could you point me to where should I look for information about that?

Hi @mdesign,

That’s a good question, not sure if it’s doable with the latest engine updates. @mvaligursky @Elliott any idea?


  1. Use a non prefiltered cubemap for skybox to get the visible scene background.
  2. Use the prefiltered cubemap (reflections) on all of your models materials (environment channel). That will give you image based lighting and reflections.

Another alternative:

  1. Use your prefiltered cubemap (reflections) as the scene skybox.
  2. Use a custom skybox model of your own (specially prepared cube or sphere) and assign your visible cubemap to it using a standard material.

If you go for the last option you can disable the Skybox layer from rendering as the default skybox won’t be visible any more.


I`ve done it. In preferences I set there is no cubemap only black. In every material I set cubemap as reflections. Its working. Thanks.

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