Tutorials for beginners


I’m trying to write tutorials for my thesis. Based on already existing tutorials that are on PlayCanvas, can someone recommend me what should beginner learn? It does not need to be high-level stuff just basics what PlayCanvas to user.

There’s quite a wide range of subjects for beginner.

Ignoring JS basics, what would be on my list:

  • How to reference another entity
  • How the entity component pattern works and accessing properties
  • Input
  • PlayCanvas events
  • Adding models to the scene and making them move

Probably a few more topics but that’s what comes to mind.

Also worth noting that the documentation is open source so please consider submitting tutorials as a PR if you do write the tutorials :slight_smile: It would be great to share them to the wider community.


Thank you for pointing out for me.

Tutorials i will be making won’t be on english but if i would have time to translate i will PR them.

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