[TUTORIAL] Version Control

Made a tutorial explaining how the Version control tool works in play canvas.
I cover a range of parts but don’t go into too much depth.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated and welcome to suggestions for any other tutorials :slight_smile:


The tutorial is nice. I also made a few tutorials, although they aren’t that good in my opinion, as I really don’t have too much experience in making tutorials. I’ll try and improve my content soon. Anyways, the video explanations were great, and your voice was nice to listen to. It’s nice to see videos on PlayCanvas, as there aren’t many tutorials on it in these days.

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Thank you @DevPlex01!
First time being told my voice is nice to listen to which is a massive compliment!
I’m not exactly a confident person making tutorials so my thoughts on them isn’t very high either!
Just practice makes them better! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see videos on PlayCanvas, as there aren’t many tutorials on it in these days.

I agree! That’s why i started making these tutorials to at least cover some things that confused me when i started using it - which is a lot!


Nice. I also have a channel, with the same name, DevPrime01. I also was confused on a lot of stuff, but I learned them. My voice isn’t as relaxing or great to listen to imo, if you watch my tutorials. So far, I have 4 parts. I plan to make a part 5 and 6 once I planned out what I need to do.

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Everyone has their own style of making videos which will attract different audiences.
Yours for example have music in the background and an intro sequence where as mine has neither (even though i want both)

So best thing we can do is make the best videos that we can and help the playcanvas community grow so the devs can add in more delicious content for us :wink:

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The intro sequence was made with a lot of work. Same with the background music. Also, yeah, I’ll continue to grow, and I hope to see you on the forums again.

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nice bruh