Trying to move the object 100 times per second. The object movement is very Jittery using SetPosition and update method

Hi all,
I am facing a very wierd issue with respect to the movement of the object in 3D space. I am moving the X,Y value of the object using the coordinates received from a Playstation Move controller. The coordinates are being streamed to the playcanvas using a local socket server that receives 100 coordinates per second. Its handled in the below script.

var Logo = pc.createScript('logo');
    postInitialize: function () {
        var self = this;
        this.step = 0;
        this.speed = 2;
        this.end = false;
        this.once = false;
        window.globals.socket.on('movedata', function (sensorValues) {

    handleMovement: function (sensordata) {
        var valuesArr = sensordata;
        var newXVal = sensordata[0];
        var newYVal = sensordata[0];

        // set position method
        this.targetPos = new pc.Vec3(-26, newYVal, newXVal);
        this.step = 0;
        this.end = false;

    updateOrientations: function (horizontal, vertical) {
        this.targetPos = new pc.Vec3(this.entity.getPosition().x + horizontal.x, this.current.y + horizontal.y, this.current.z + horizontal.z);
        this.step = 0;
        this.end = false;

    update: function (dt) {
        if (!this.current || ! ) return;
        if (this.end) return;

        this.step += dt * this.speed;
        if (this.step > 1) {
            this.step = 1;
            this.end = true;


// temp
Logo.targetPos = new pc.Vec3();
Logo.calculatedValues = new pc.Vec2(0,0);

Observing the above code, the handlemovement method is being called repeatedly as the sensor data is streamed. But the logo coordinates are updated in the screen only once or doesnt update every second. Most of the times, its updated once per second or lesser times. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Here is the project link - PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Are you sure you getting all the values in different frames or are you getting bursts of different values in the same frame?

What I would do is add a frame counter (a global that increases by 1 per frame) and add that to the logging of when your project is receiving the events so you can check which frames the data is received