Trying out additive scene loading but scenes audio/video keeps playing

I am trying to switch between two scenes which i have created and when trying to switch between scenes the old scene which is a video player keeps on playing the content there. I have linked my project for reference. Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Anush_Praveen ,

I can’t seem to load the video player when launching your project but in any case you will have to stop/remove the video player from your old scene.

That will not happen automatically when switching scenes.

ahh sorry i was experimenting with something else, now it will load. Right now for testing purpose i’m just playing an video file on a material that is all but what i really want is a container of sorts which can play in full screen ofc which i have already have done it. I’m curious to make the video play and then when the video plays it goes into the other game scene seamlessly? is that possible?