Try out the updated prototype of my Beech Pong game

I would firstly like to express that it’s an honor to have been given a “New Member of the Month” bage. This community have been very helpful and welcoming to me. I’ve now gotten my game to where I think it’s an adequate prototype and I think a lot of you will have fun trying it out.

Secondly, though it doesn’t have that much documentation I used the scroll view component for my items menu and it proved very useful. Great job on making that feature as intuitive as it is.

Here are my release notes:

-items menu
-earning/spending currency
-ability to change the ball and cup appearance
-took off dynamic lighting for performance, added transparent mesh as shadows
-very low-quality multiplayer experience.

Images from:

Sound effects from:

If you are entertained by the project so far and you wish to support it along with my studies, I’ve made a gofundme campaign where you can lend financial support.

Of course, don’t forget to give your feedback on the game and tell me how I can create it into something that would be a delight for you to play.

Try the Prototype here: