Transparent scene background and scene rotation

Hello all

Few questions about engine:

  1. Is it possible to make background of entire scene transparent to show input from web camera?
    It will be used with 3-party sdk, which provides slam for ar.
  2. Is it possible to pass transform matrix to entire scene?
    These needs for AR, for example, when user rotates device to left and entire scene moves to right and so on.

Thanks in advance!

Will’s AR project using ARKit should point you in the right direction

Thanks for response!
I’ve already checked that project, but it’s not good fit to my project requirements and was decided to use ar sdk with SLAM.

Also, seems have found solution with transparent canvas.
So now I only need to know, what with movement of entire scene.

You could put in an Entity under the Root and then have all the scene objects as children. That way you can apply the transform to it and move the whole ‘scene’ at once.

Thanks for this good point!

What are you using for the AR library out of interest? The only other SLAM based JS library I know off is 8th Wall.

That’s it. Have you used it with playcanvas?

Not yet, waiting for my invite :slight_smile:

Hi there. Is there any news about AR from PlayCanvas? A must for us is to place objects on the floor, wall as happens in ArKit and ArCore. We are thinking of using ViroMedia, but we should reconstruct the object which is the result of a configurator that generates thousands of different combinations. The ideal would be able to place the object created with PlayCanvas in ArKit or ArCore. Is there the possibility of passing the object generated by the PlayCanvas canvas to an “ArKit context” for example? Obviously in this case one would have to write native “mobile” code, but it would solve the complexity of the reconstruction of the configurator in a ViroMedia environment. Is it pure science fiction? Thank you!

Right now, your best bet is to integrate 8th Wall into PlayCanvas if you want AR in a browser.

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