Transforming plane into terrain by seed programmatically?

Hi there, I was wondering if something like this would work:

I have a flat world with X planes/boxes, some planes would have a script attached with a numerical property of ‘seed’

By the idea seed would generate different outcomes but would stay same across identical planes
Lets say we have 3 identical planes, plane 1 would have the same seed as plane 2 thus generating same terrain, while plane 3 would be different according to its seed

I believe there should be some points like max height, min height, something like number of bumps or etc.

Is it possible to accoplish this without heightmaps, only programically? Thanks in advice

Hi @Newbie_Coder,

Yes that’s doable, you can start with this example project:

To make it use seeded random numbers, you should replace all random generation methods with pseudorandom (seeded) methods. Here is a library that can do that in JS:

That’s what we used in Aritelia, a game where terrains and objects are placed randomly but based on a seed. That means a random island is being viewed exactly the same for each different user:

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It’s amazing what you did at Aritelia! Thanks for pointing me, as I understand I’d still have to use at least 1 heightmap that would be the base of all future generations by seed?