Transfer models from one Play Canvas project to another

Hi There,
Is there a way to transfer a model with all it’s lightmaps, materials and meshes from one scene to another scene?

They are in the same project, there’s an extension that’s supposed to be able to do it but I couldn’t find the buttons to press in their docs.

It was my thinking that you can also download the generated model JSONs and use them between projects

can anyone elaborate?

IIRC, PlayCanvas editor doesn’t allow for JSON to be imported as a model.

Ok that makes sense. But I could download the same model as JSON and use it with the engine only version of playcanvas?

Yes, you can host the JSON externally and load it via URL. ie: Use The Canvas Engine To Load The Local Json Model

I can copy assets between scenes no problem, it was between projects I was trying to figure out, sorry, made that less than clear before :)!